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If you have Questions about our Carpet Cleaning Service, our FAQ page is here to Help!

We’ve put together a list of all the answers you need, including how regularly to have your carpets cleaned, the cleaning processes we use, the difference between dry and steam cleaning, and much more.

Should I put the flokati rug in front of the fireplace?

Flokati rugs look great in front of fireplaces but you must never forget the danger of catching fire. Fire damage restoration is a hard procedure and your wool rugs will also get dirty easily by the smoke. You need to keep them in a distance according to Carpet Cleaning Huntington Beach and place fire protection. At spring time, flokati rug cleaning will take off the dirt that comes from the fire smoke.

hould I put carpets in the kitchen?

Carpets are not ideal for the kitchen floor because stain removal will be needed all the time, especially if you cook every day and have children. There is also a big possibility of water damage since they will be close to plumbing installations and sinks. Tiles are best for kitchen floors but you can also place a rug, which can be lifted or perhaps cleaned in the washing machine. Make your life easy.

Do I have to move my furniture every time my carped is cleaned?

While it is not necessary, we can move the furniture for you so we can cover more of the carpet as we clean it. Just make sure to move any breakable objects like your vases away from the room as we work.

Is it important to use cleaning products specifically made for carpets?

Yes. Carpets are made of materials that may be sensitive to other chemicals found in regular household cleaners. Aside from carpet-friendly products, carpet cleaning services also use eco-friendly cleaning materials that are also better for human health. Also, milder products are better for your carpets in general.

Will the carpet shrink if it remains wet for too long?

Shrinking can be caused by excessive wetting rather than by a long drying process. If your house has been flooded, you must take immediate action for the restoration of the carpet. Quick cleaning and drying will reduce the risk of shrinking and other serious issues such as mold and permanent dark spots as well.

Why do I need a professional cleaner for my upholstery?

Homemade cleaning methods and store-bought solutions may help to clean some upholstery but often they can be too harsh on the fabric and damage can result that can't be repaired. Our experts know all about upholstery fabrics and we are always extremely careful to use exactly the right cleaning methods and agents to remove every stain completely, leaving your upholstery in perfect condition every time.

Carpet Cleaning Huntington Beach

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